Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider invites you have more and be more in your life through the gift that horses are and desire to be for you. What you can learn from a horse doesn’t just apply for when you’re around horses. What you learn from a horse can change your whole trajectory in life.

You’re in an emergency situation. You recall the energy you were being when you calmed down a spooked horse. You choose to be that in the moment. The people around you start calming down, and you’re able to handle the situation with great ease.

You’re working with someone who’s lagging on work. You recall what you were being to get a horse to lunge around you. You apply it to your dealings with this person and their behavior with you changes.

You have an important decisions to make. You’re not sure what you would like to choose. “What’s going to be the right choice?” Then you recall the sense of peace you had when you were laying back on a horse’s back. The situation becomes clear to you and you make that choice without hesitation.

It All Began...

Gary Douglas founded the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshops to facilitate greater awareness and connection with horses! Gary has been riding horses since he was four years old, and realised that being with horses contributed all kinds of things to him and people, if they were willing to receive it.

Horses are willing to contribute to us constantly and in a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Class. We are invited to listen to these magnificent beings and assist them and us to overcome barriers that are stopping us from a deeper connection.

The tools presented are easy to learn, pragmatic and people that attended are amazed how effortless it is to apply them.