Access Bars® (NTSC Version)

Access Bars® (NTSC Version)

By Gary M. Douglas , Dr. Dain Heer

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Welcome to Access the Bars!

A demonstration of the hands-on process with accompanying pdf head charts!

(Link to headcharts will be emailed to you separately)

For the PAL version please Click Here.

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Please note:  The new version of the Bars DVD will be available in DVD form by Spring 2019 and probably much sooner.

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DVD + PDF Digital Download
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Translated version available.  See details below!

Duration:  Approximately 30 min. 

Facilitator:  Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

Format:  DVD & Digital Download (head charts) 

Pre-Requisite:  None

What is Access the Bars?

In this DVD presentation, Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer demonstrate how to run the hands-on process called Access: The Bars.

The Access Bars is a dynamic hands on head process that assists you in unlocking the places in your life where you are unwilling to receive. And from that point you can find a greater sense of ease and the ability to change the things in your life that you were previously unable to.

This DVD offers a demonstration of the life changing process that allows everyone to receive easily and without effort.

For the first time in my life, I got that I didn’t have to fight or run or hide or protect myself from the world, that I could actually enjoy it.

--Ricky Williams

Discover this life enhancing gift for you and your body.

What are the Access Bars®?

CLICK HERE to find a live Access Bars® Class near you!

Deliverables Include:

  • DVD 
  • PDF Digital Download (head charts)

English Video with Subtitled Languages Available in:

  • Chinese (Simplified)</