Light Up Your Life, Not Your Cigarette

6 weeks to changing your relationship with smoking.

Of all of the addictions I work with, smoking seems to be the most difficult habit for people to give up. Is that what it has been like for you?

Have you set dates, made agreements with yourself and others, only to break them and then judge yourself harshly? What if there is a different way?

In this tele-series we will explore why smoking seems to be so difficult to let go of, and what you can do to change that.  Through practical tools, information, and processing, you will have the opportunity to clear and transform the beliefs, points of view and judgments that have kept you a slave to tobacco.

This series will help you get to the root cause of what’s keeping the addiction in place, and change your relationship with smoking forever.

Are you ready for a completely different approach to cigarette addiction? Please join me for this life changing series.

Would you be willing to give yourself this gift today?

Žal nam je, trenutno ne najdemo ustrezajočih seminarjev ali dogodkov.

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