Access Facelift Facilitator Certification

Access Facelift Facilitator Certification

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  • Attend at least one Bars and The Foundation class (formerly called Foundation & Level 1)
  • Attend at least one 3-Day Body Class
  • Perform the Facelift 20 times


Become an Access Facelift Facilitator.  Be able to Facilitate one day Facelift classes.

The Process

(Note: do not begin this process until you have completed the prerequisites above)

Step 1 - Payment:

Click above to add to cart after you have read through this entire page. 

Important:  After you have successfully completed your payment for the Access Facelift Facilitator Certification, please log out and then log back in to your Access site account and complete steps 2, 3 and 4 below. You will find the links for steps 2, 3 and 4 on your Access account dashboard under My Account/Digital Downloads or in your shop order confirmation email. Be sure to check your junk/spam folder if you do not see the email in your inbox (or promotion tab for Gmail users).  If you cannot locate the links on your dashboard or in your email, please email the Access Facelift Dazzle for assistance.

Step 2 – Access Facelift Facilitator Application:

Please complete all fields on the application.

Step 3 – Access Facelift Facilitator Contract:

Please complete all requested fields in HelloSign and make sure to click the blue button when you are finished to submit your contract electronically.

If you require any assistance please email

Step 4 – Data Protection Agreement:

Please select the Data Protection Agreement in your preferred language and complete all requested fields in HelloSign. Also, please make sure to click the blue button when you are finished to submit the agreement electronically.

This agreement specifies how you as a facilitator and sub-contractor must treat any data that you receive from us, for example via the web-site. For more information click here.

Access Facelift Facilitator Welcome Packet:
After you have completed the four steps above, a digital Access Facelift Facilitator (AFF) Welcome Packet will be emailed to you.

Please allow 7-10 days after you submit your payment to receive your Welcome Packet.

*You will receive everything electronically (including your contract) so please double check that your email address is correct.

Note: You are not authorized to begin to Facilitating or scheduling Facelift classes until you receive your AFF Welcome Packet.

Your Digital AFF Welcome Packet contains:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Class Structure packet
  • Information packet on “How to Facilitate” a Access Facelift Class
  • Facelift Manual
  • Facelift Quick Reference Chart
  • Certificates of Completion that you can hand out after class
  • Class list template
  • Release form PDF
  • CEU information
  • Permission to copy letter
  • Social Media & Trademark guidelines
  • Plus more….

*In the next 12 months (from the date of your Certification), and each subsequent year thereafter, you are required to take one of the following classes.  Note:  All renewal classes start date must be within the past year of when you renew to qualify.*

Pay an annual renewal fee - You will be sent an email when your renewal draws near and have the ability to make payment at that time. You can also pay your renewal fee at any time (as long as you have your qualifying renewal class) by going to your client dashboard and under Facilitator Tools, click on Certications.  You will be able to renew from there.