Each of our talented facilitators offers a range of workshops specifically tailored to their interests and expertise. However, there are several core CHCR courses you can attend, no matter where you are in the world. These include:

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Intro Class

Begin your exploration into a world of possibilities with horses. Unlock the secrets to a deeper, more intimate relationship with yourself and learn what horses can teach you about trust, knowing and living fully.

Your facilitator will offer you valuable tools and information, and will ask you questions to help reveal what you know about horses (and yourself) that you have not yet acknowledged.

You do not need any prior horse experience to attend this class. All you need is the willingness to ask a question.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 1-Day Workshop

A full day, intensive class where you will learn the basic tools of CHCR and explore what horses can teach us about life and living. Each class is specifically tailored to the needs and questions of the participants, and exact topics will vary. However, this class tends to include:

  • Connecting with horses through gentle ‘body processes’
  • Trust exercises
  • Leadership practices
  • Non-verbal (energetic) communication with horses

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2-Day Workshop

An in-depth, comprehensive class where you will learn a wide range of CHCR tools and principles. Each class is specifically tailored to the needs and questions of the participants, and exact topics will vary. However, in addition to the practices and tools provided in the 1-Day Class, you can expect to receive:

  • A CHCR manual
  • More exercises and more opportunity to explore the wisdom of horses
  • Lessons on how to ‘expand the zone’
  • Information on the ‘collapse zone’
  • Experience with ‘energy pulls’
  • Tips on riding and horsemanship that you cannot find anywhere else

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator Training

Become the catalyst for a different possibility and help others connect more profoundly with horses, the planet and themselves. Learn the tools, techniques and information that will allow you to facilitate greater awareness and connection with the horse lovers in your area.

Interested in becoming a CHCR Facilitator? Email us at chcr@accessconsciousness.com.

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