Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Intro Class

Begin your exploration into a world of possibilities with horses. You are invited discover what is true for the horses, true for you, and what you can do and be together that is greater than you’ve yet experienced.

Your facilitator will give you tools, share information, and ask you questions to get you to the clarity of what you know about horses (and about you) that you have not yet uncovered.

You do not need any prior horse experience to attend this class. All you need is the willingness to ask a question.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 1-Day Workshop

Gain a greater awareness of what is possible for you with horses through a 1 day deep dive on a specific subject.

Access your knowing of what you can do and be with horses that will create a different possibility for you and for the horses you know. Use the tools you gain in this class, and watch how every part of your life begins to change and transform by what you have chosen to be.

There is a diversity of topics offered by the different Conscious Horse, Conscious Rider Facilitators. Which ones are calling to you?

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider 2-Day Workshop

Dive head-first into a different possibility with horses. Step into your leadership abilities, develop greater trust in you, and learn more about the capacities you have that are made clear through the presence of a horse.

Also, gain a much greater awareness of what can change with horses and the people that own them. Tools and processes (including a manual) to change things horses have going on that most horses experts have no clue how to change.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator Training

Become the catalyst for a diferent possibility with horses on the planet. Receive the tools to facilitate in others a greater receiving of the gift horses desire to be, and the awareness of the gift you can be to the horses. Intested in becoming a CHCR Facilitator? Email us at chcr@accessconsciousness.com

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